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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  September 7, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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>> we are live tonight with bay area news at 7:00. >> a woman is arrested in the disappearance of nursing student michele le. >> complete bay area news starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> as reverser boarded, fire crews family and fire. blames the argument goes to the plate was in the area -- are getting lost to homes in the
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area. temperatures in the 90s and by officials say it could grow up and leave. so evacuations out in order. sabean we'll keep an eye on station that bringing up eight as the. a major break in the case of the speed to. please, it is being a --- police arrested giselle digwag today. security camera footage revealed that she was into fighting crouch before and that
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his -- in the garage before michelle disappeared three in the fourth but as he is asked is it that cell phone records indicate that they have a sort and same location made in the storm a new is, we are learning more about the at a including word that she is pregnant. >> reporter: we are trying to figure out number. she zyxel -year-old and has a history of genetic be. >> she as if your calm a
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shortcut for. which implies that out there, she that up and opened it seems that calling were sitting on my jacket breed. >> reporter: ballots that have a boyfriend than the one she got a job with about five weeks ago. that is a feminist your and it get the heat setting one of the rabbits. i escape. >> reporter: he has custody of the. >> we have always had custody. , and as it is because they and baby from her. >> reporter: police were coming because she won the tuesday of eight. >> reporter: tuesday days before she disappeared, the author of the child filed a
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restraining order against us on. >> reporter: is onto she and michelle a cop as he thought that she accompanied her in the dust as the animal it is the eye of the in that question. that question and only be answered, i but i she goes off. >> reporter: obligating on the disc, i have looked at as to on now is pregnant again. rita williams, a tv tuned to storm out now to his request nevada or authority to or authorities released the names of the book is a shooting rampage. the four victims have been identified as lawrence gunderson, also three members of the army national guard it heath kelly, miranda michoheny
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and christian rehey seemed that this is the most devastating attack in our injuries the but in a few short hours we were is this in opera shelters when i was in iraqi freedom the. >> and messy bits were back at the register today and i busied with an and got the us know what it is not also tonight, i've spent of the turn of the. might need exhorted to determine what caused it's really sad so i took that big it will do here clearly detail a bit in friday and the. >> what is your emergency question at the time is 850 edt not. >> we are in the ihop is the
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automatic weapons revoke what they missed the conference call and many more follows in i just because we are making it with an automatic. >> harm people? ones that she is up inside the bathroom. under that gives another gives details about the number of victims is that there were five or six people is and what are on that side. >> he has. >> reporter: on an outside was on the bow when somebody seized government as it it is and. >> he is coming back out really any people in parking lot is. >> an automatic weapon. >> reporter: and hoodies also called 911 to report to go.
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>> we are allowed. >> out of it, do you do seem to the door. >> reporter: soon after, of common and what is that receipts closed at the gunman is down. >> we are in restaurant scene my residence at that the guy shot himself. >> reporter: the shooting lasted about five minutes. >> not to dispute one another shooting in the mission district at the post goes on at each each. they responded to a street racer racing team a was shot and wounded a couple is expected to survive if they are looking for two men who went into the bart station to escape. four people have been shot and three people have been killed in the past eight days. the user issued in town
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tonight to help us that's when he is from stealing their coach will civil code is skyrocketing and the temptation is also on the rapids. and that's the and got us may be an issue brief goodbyes, do not wear a lot flashy jewelry and he flashed a joke and is a police stop a lack we have new information on and sort we've got it last week about the theft of a local is therapeutic blocker. the water was in for a set her families on a home. well, we are told that if you're a dog, it is all distorted and is eyeing a
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placement wobbler is a macro. can see in a guess at at what was your fault, officials took a deep being was at dictating who will recode these guys by the state crews were excavating a road near city hall when they talked about it. i'm so by the speaker to be it beat per. a secret group who will go spikes by its two in a safer level and that will allow the road it is on monday storm friday months when he isn't a damn if it it were well out of the explosion.
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and five minutes we was like why for some homeowners it had spent a be difficult to myself. a new survey suggests what apple nine it was are putting more money and the economy and the number 1 in which i started harmonize with so it's a sad dollars in a bid to at some of the $8.5 million. it comes as is the accident was rankle over the plant for objects is. that masterful and it is a choice, meaning the government too much control. >> we are going to is that i know money nl c1. >> one major bone of an inch at gadget news proposal for a new ice facility. the master plan will not the final two years. the board of supervisors are proposing a new wiki for the public to understand and keep track of the state's budget once the city to create a budget database, including a variety of information he says
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that the federal government already guys are guys are pushing on and on budget east woman of no pinning the show, a sale, possession, and trade shark fins are heading to the owner to ask. you will provide an additional 18 months for those of the process is repeated in the vista. and the gunners at a mature, coupled with the state and the lengths to been in boards. a way with that as soon the san jose sharks is about the goings-on at this link -- in russia. and what is what to do a search for new corporate. the bay area warmed up nicely today. coming up, dramaturgy you can expect tomorrow a for the upcoming and. [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin... [ joycelin ] it was a typical morning. i was getting ready for work, and then i got this horrible headache, and then i blacked out.
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>> ambulances had to be diverted to him attribute emergency room today after a guy sleep nearby. a routine introduce a rupture italy and i but and type of the guideline. avenue on the 30 near the intersection of fourth and bettencourt street in authorities issued a shelter in place until the was a gothic. it's a working on pipe. friday my was one year as it is san bruno at the explosion that killed eight people to so is in turn up the building but as tom vacar is clicked, the future is still uncertain. >> reporter: for many the only locus of the new home for the
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holidays and i think people want to come back prepare finding out that it's not cheap to of the house. >> reporter: 38 homes were destroyed and 38 more were so badly damaged a working on opening day, of those 55 homes, on seven are under discussion. dirtying remain undecided storm to are a few of the much have chosen not to come back because it's too emotionally overwhelmed before them. >> reporter: pg&e guys are just six of the empty line. a deadly gas me is gone for was the was the only person we chose him back it's because they are taking that out of commission in. >> reporter: most votes is that at least another year before was he retired in i'm thinking,
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you know, it's impossible to say. >> reporter: a quicker will likely become a memorial park seem a storm russian authorities are trying to determine an object get the ai ai is acting to crash. the private jet went down today shortly after takeoff. 43 people were killed in the crash in the 29 international what is most were russian and late in the nhl. one was a reason to think of these and know that we the people who survived are now in critical condition. a debate between april and president of in his is wrapping up. among those facing off with the top contenders. this is governor rick very and mitt romney.
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the debate what sounded a discussions economy and a vomit on privatization. on the bay area so it's getting mail from the federal government. they will kay and $44 million will guarantee. they will put a solar panels i wanted to us in homes. and he doesn't matter to him fremont-based oil company is the sponge received a number of $35 million in federal loan guarantees. the labor department added that it is about the job market. employers advertise a $.2 million in that is up from $3.7 billion in june it is the largest number of job openings since august the and eight. there is competition for each of the stops out the score
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workers should be coming but it's one of those opening. germany plans to help prop up other european economies and it will street a big boost today. that dollars 270 points and the nasdaq by the was the. he out did did did a search. the shares rose almost 5.5%. robert onto his plate and why they are now searchable. >> reporter: large groups of employees if they wait to company quarters sporting work on it. someone was inclined to into them until the medical found, the ceo, and others and is trying his judgment shortly after robards what's yesterday
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will workers is a finicky as upbeat it is a that is an insult to do a search for a permanent replacement is under way and it was busy city of wilmington so confident in troops and show our vision and leadership and then they will have to be able to show that kind of leadership, and a vote early a gleaming could mean layoffs. you can also mean i was itching. >> reporter: sounds that they are not nervous about that and what that is the jewel and speakers. >> global change and i still bart the picture. >> reporter: >> reporter: they need a better grasp of advertising and mobile words come in or zoom at the wow to put much more on in
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their content into the broader world of mobile devices and accounts will help run the company for now and so he said he would go to keep keep doing her job don't you were doing it. a new study suggests those who smoke marijuana are less likely to be obese than those who don't the what about the munchies? they suggest a train and sat with, but, that those who smoke pot and be more physically at. won a pro football as regular visitors will be missing to the indianapolis colts and notes that quarterback peyton manning won a place at it. it brings to an brings to an end the streak to what degree is could start. he is still recovering from our seats in the surgery. time is running out cast
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your vote for the lowballing it was a week and we will bring you of the highlights on the news. for some people in may of been in loveland pick up call -- an unwelcomed wakeup call. >> and gave i will be here with you for guys. [ female announcer ] did you know
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>> a virus and into rage out of control blood test is leaving homes in their wake. it has its were surveyed said they are at 19 new buyers. more than one until he was fired yet -- wildfires have begun over the last week. more than 1000 homes destroyed. here in california, of course, we are seeing in some some warmer than richard. >> we always out about a magazine fire danger. even as him into the weekend
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with a possibility of some dry lightning. we a little -- have low clouds and fog. in fact, this was the scene today looking out towards the golden gate bridge. he out warm rising at -- compressing that fog. is anyone right now is cooling off period a year is out for the story for tonight. we will moving southward tomorrow and one weekend. temperatures will continue to drop out. here's the setup for tomorrow. we will have more of an onshore
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breeze. and that should bring down those rate about four to eight weeks. this will develop on the accordance of the coastline. a few isolated showers. keep an eye on the and the bay area. the unicode a forecast -- here we go with our forecast model. warmest ovations will be invalid, a bogey -- inland, approaching the 90s. here's a look ahead at yours and therefore got -- people on the clothes received a very loud had --
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very loud heads up. police sounded the tsunami sirens. they want to be sure that anyone who could be up and you can hear the sirens. is that is our report -- that is our report. i am heather holmes. >> "tmz" is up next right >> "tmz" is up next right here on tv36. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope.


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